The Company
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Highly specialized structures, tooling and personnel at disposal of our customers.


Research & development of new technologies and production facilities.


Study & development of new products and services which meet the demand of each specific market.

IMAP starts out

in 1978 as a company specialising in the extrusion of plastics for the industrial refrigeration and building sectors. It then extends its operations within the industrial refrigeration sector.


IMAP grows

In 1998 the company extends its headquarters, adding a further 4000m2 to make a total covered surface of 8000m2.

In 2000 IMAP invests in a 1500m2 facility to house the new sheet metal working department equipped with highly automated machinery for processing stainless steel.

In 2002 IMAP increases its production capacity, investing in a further 3500m2 of factory space and in 2016 construction starts on a further extension of 2000m2 .


IMAP today

is a leader in the industrial refrigeration sector and in the extrusion of plastics supported by an organisation capable of partnering the major industrial players.

Today IMAP occupies a surface area of 15,000m2 with over 100 employees and three factories in Italy.