Plastic and polyurethane technology
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Plastic and polyurethane technology

IMAP is the leading company in the field of plastic and polyurethane technology. We have 12 extrusion lines for plastic profiles for drawing techno-polymers such as ABS, PVC, polycarbonate, methacrylate and polypropylene used mainly in the industrial refrigeration, lighting, furnishing, construction and food industries and in the medical sector.


IMAP has a number of production lines for cutting, trimming, perforating, slot-making and welding frames using the hot blade method.

IMAP creates timely solutions for developing tailor-made tooling to meet our customers’ needs, with first-rate assistance guaranteed by the highly-qualified set-up and maintenance laboratory team.


Our well-stocked warehouse of semi-finished products, profiles already cut to size or processed to meet individual customer needs, enables us to provide a customised service and cut delivery times.

Our catalogue shows examples of our own-design profiles and some made to meet specific requirements.

Polyurethane technology

IMAP is a company with an international reputation in the polyurethane technology sector, processing, assembling and foaming monocoques and panels of various types for such products as refrigeration counters and cabinets, blast chillers and their components including doors and drawers as well as corners for cold rooms, air-conditioner panels, products for vending machines, supermarkets, the medical sector, the alternative energy industry and in particular for the industrial refrigeration sector.


IMAP uses modular equipment and machinery capable of meeting any construction needs. We provide services for the leading industrial refrigeration companies that trust in IMAP for both manufacture and consultancy during the product design and development stage.


IMAP has well-equipped departments for the entire production cycle, starting with processing sheet metal, through assembly and foaming, concluding with finishing the products on order.
We also offer items developed by our technical team to meet all the needs of customers wanting both ready-made or customised products.


We take care over the manufacture of our products and the selection of raw materials, enabling us to guarantee top quality standards for all the items commissioned by our customers.